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About Us

As in our slogan "Connecting Projects", we aim to link Turkish suppliers and manufacturers to projects and clients around the world.

Our expertise in the past 15 years with our sister company "Geolink Trading & Contracting " in Kuwait in the sourcing and procurement of multiple products mainly in the domain of architectural and interior finishes for many prestigious projects and clients drove us to create Geolink turkey, totally dedicated to this purpose.

Our physical presence in Turkey allows us in the process of sourcing to have direct contact & visit potential suppliers, in order to secure as much as possible, the quality of the products and the sustainability of the company. Though our core business is in the field of buildings, architecture & interior products, we can offer our services in multiple fields...

 - Architectural and Interior Finishing

 - Landscaping 

 - Food and Beverage

 - Textiles and Garment Industries

 - Industrial and Business Opportunities

 - Other.


We look forward to receive your inquiries.

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